Sunday, 2 May 2010

Captain's Blog 02.05.10

4 months in the making and last night Conquest: Blackstar Rising was finally rendered!

A mammoth task, fraught with difficulties (not least both K4 and I developing ear infections at roughly the same time, and me injuring my elbow and having to struggle with a sling for 2 weeks right in the middle of the project) but it came out rather well; all that's left to do now is for The Daddy to sign off on the finished product and sort out a premiere date.

All of which means I can now turn my attentions back to Odyssey Season Two and start work on that at last; sheesh, is there no end to it all? :P


BiggsTrek said...

Look forward to seeing (and hearing) it! But you two guys need to stop passing that virus back and forth.... ewwww

Killian said...

I can categorically deny any exchange of bodily fluids was involved... ewwww