Saturday, 14 November 2009

Captain's Blog 14.11.09

I shall be strutting my funky stuff on this week's Roger and Ken Show, discussing Episode Six and associated stuff, so please feel free to drop by and listen in, good people!

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Captain's Blog 01.11.09

Yes, it's out at last; the penultimate episode of Season One is released.  A Leyland focussed arc episode, this is the first of a "not quite but pretty much" trilogy of episodes, taking us into the second season and setting things up for the ongoing season.

File download link is here.  Enjoy!  There are some audio glitches (the volume levels go out of whack in a coupla places, which is very annoying as I adjusted them all individually before I exported the complete movie... I think it's time to bin my patched-up sound card and invest in a new one finally ;))

One more to go... hopefully, I'll have this out by the end of the year.  Then, into scripting Blackstar and playing with iClone 4 (potentially for Season Two... if I can transpose all the required costumes and props across and make a set of characters that look like the principals!).

UPDATE: Oh my lord; dunno how it happened, but Episode Six has clocked up 171 views in a little less than 48 hours!