Sunday, 9 May 2010

Captain's Blog 09.05.10

The Roger and Ken Show 9 May 2010

The Old Git and I will be on air tonight, discussing Conquest: Blackstar Rising (amongst other stuff, as we usually do, no doubt ;)) at the usual place.

In the first guest lot, our pal Uber will be on, so it's a sci-fi special tonight :)

How the process of "long distance collaboration" worked; the making of the movie, and all the usual associated chatter.

So, come along and join the fun :)

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Captain's Blog 06.04.10

Conquest: Blackstar Rising

Thanks to all those who made the premiere last night; hopefully a good time was had by all.

DL did a good job with the stream; very little in the way of problems for such a long movie.

The download link is available from the Production Thread on TMU; due to the size, I'm having to send the movie to hosting as two seperate files (the full movie won't convert to enable embedding).

It is available on BlipTV at the moment, but isn't embeddable; once I have the two pieces uploaded, I'll post them to TMU.

EDIT: Thanks to Ken, it's now available on TMU for your viewing pleasure!

Monday, 3 May 2010

Captain's Blog 03.05.10


Conquest: Blackstar Rising will premiere this Weds (5 May) at TMUTheater.

There will be two premiere showings (to allow both the US and European communities to attend); the first will be:-

Wednesday May 5th, 2010 at  

12:00pm PDT/ 3:00pm EDT/ 8:00pm GMT

and again at  

5:10pm PDT/ 8:10pm EDT/ 1:10am GMT

Either me or K4 (or both) hope to be there obviously, but in case we can't, we've planned a special little something for the evening...

So, hopefully we'll see you at TMUTheater on Wednesday evening!

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Captain's Blog 02.05.10

4 months in the making and last night Conquest: Blackstar Rising was finally rendered!

A mammoth task, fraught with difficulties (not least both K4 and I developing ear infections at roughly the same time, and me injuring my elbow and having to struggle with a sling for 2 weeks right in the middle of the project) but it came out rather well; all that's left to do now is for The Daddy to sign off on the finished product and sort out a premiere date.

All of which means I can now turn my attentions back to Odyssey Season Two and start work on that at last; sheesh, is there no end to it all? :P