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I'm back, baby :)

Geez... was it really 5 years ago that I made my last post here??

After many years of external issues interrupting my machinima making efforts, lost data, disillusionment, family, birth of a new daughter this year and flirting with WoW again, I've finally ended my self-imposed exile to reconnect with my love of 3d animated movie making.

Sadly, as my one and only PC now has Win 10 installed on it, my days of The Movies are over and done with (as the program won't run under Windows 10, which is a major ball-ache but not unexpected after such a long time).

So, it's back with Moviestorm with a vengeance, it would seem (although I have iClone 5, it's both a little long in the tooth now and I'm no further along with learning it than I was 5 years ago and I don't have the freetime I once had to spend most of it learning how to use it again from scratch!)

Odyssey; well, as much as I'd like to carry on with this, there are a lot of near unsurmountable issues with ca…

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