Sunday, 12 July 2009

Captain's Blog 12.07.09

Finally got around to stitching all of the Finale pieces together into one long movie; it clocks in at 1hr 35mins all told!

Uploaded it to BlipTV but (after taking nearly 8 hours to get it on there, due to several issues), it failed to convert to Flash, so I can't embed the buggering thing anywhere :(

Oh well; it was more of an experiment to see how it worked out than anything else, so no biggy. It clocked in at 545mb (just too big for Vimeo as well...). The sound quality isn't great (as I had to re-encode the 5 completed files; I binned the Magix files and shot pieces ages ago to conserve space, so couldn't re-do all the pieces again), due to the audio tracks being encoded twice.

Any road up, it's here for those who have an interest in such things (it's just the 5 finale pieces all as one long movie; no additional material).

UPDATE: I finally got the host I wanted! I received confirmation tonight, so have moved the full site for (hopefully) the final time! It can be found HERE.

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Captain's Blog 08.07.09

Work proceeding slowly on Episode Five... slowly but proceeding :) Done some initial shot work on Episode Seven for the exterior scenes and some mod work for Season Two.

New content added to the Odyssey Website (moved to ANOTHER host due to potential issues); check it out if you're so inclined :)

Should be appearing on Roger & Ken this coming Sunday to discuss "Castaways", so don't be afraid to Skype or PM Roger any questions you might have about the episode in specific or the series in general... or, indeed, anything at all (there's an hour to fill, after all, so it's best we have something interesting to talk about!).

There's no rest for the wicked... :)

EDIT: 11 JULY 2009: Grrr... the new, super-dooper webhost decided to stop working this morning, so have gone back to the 425mb one for now (buggering thing...). Apologies for the unconwenience...

Saturday, 4 July 2009

Captain's Blog 04.07.09

Odyssey: Episode Four is released.

An Odyssey Aid Team, on their way back to the ship after delivering medical aid to a distant colony, is forced down on an unexplored world.

There, matters are complicated by their need to work with some unexpected “visitors”; a situation which is not made easy by the feelings of the Aid Team’s commander, Lieutenant Commander M’raal...

Please enjoy and comment!

Now work commences to Episode Five... aiming to complete the current season by November or December at the latest.

EDIT: The new and improved Odyssey site is available now here; please bear in mind that it's a free host site and there's a bloody annoying Google ad banner smack across the top of it (unless you have Firefox and NoScript tuned to turn off googlesyndication, in which case it doesn't bother you). Please feel free to make suggestions or throw ideas into the mix for this as it will accompany the series as it goes along. Once the site is fully complete and all the basic details are filled in, I'll be moving it to a better host.

UPDATE: I've also mirrored the site HERE (better, as there is no honking banner; just one pop up when you first surf in, apparently), so will probably transfer the site to this host for now.

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Captain's Blog 02.07.09

Odyssey Season Two Writers Wanted
In order to “spread the load” a bit next season, I’m looking for 2-3 outside writers who fancy taking a crack at an episode or two to free up some time for me to concentrate on other projects and not drive me mental trying to do 7 scripts in advance again! Plus, it gives the series a “shot in the arm” to introduce new ideas, concepts and a fresh pair of eyes to look over the universe.

I’m open to pitches and ideas for 45-50 min single episodes (initially) from interested parties. Please be aware that, due to the arc-based nature of the series, I may ask for some tweaks and rewrites here and there as part of the process and a brief synopsis of the idea, cast list and basic episode plan as part of the decision making process.

Advance notice of the post I'll be making once Episode Seven pre-production is underway; with a couple of extra scripts "in hand" and some fresh ideas, it will enable to me to take a breather a bit and not have things so manic next year!

Episode Four is cracking along nicely; 12 more pages to complete shooting and then the clean up/edit etc to commence. With some luck (and a following wind) it will be out sometime between this weekend and next (dependant on how fast things get done). Then, it's all guns blazing to pre-prod on Ep5 (pre-credits teaser and first scene already shot and awaiting VOs for that, so have a slight edge on that one).

It's all go Chez Cave at the moment!

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Captain's Blog 01.07.09

Quick visit to say that the teaser has been released for Episode Four, "Castaways".

(Scuttles off to carry on slaving over a hot keyboard...)