Thursday, 2 July 2009

Captain's Blog 02.07.09

Odyssey Season Two Writers Wanted
In order to “spread the load” a bit next season, I’m looking for 2-3 outside writers who fancy taking a crack at an episode or two to free up some time for me to concentrate on other projects and not drive me mental trying to do 7 scripts in advance again! Plus, it gives the series a “shot in the arm” to introduce new ideas, concepts and a fresh pair of eyes to look over the universe.

I’m open to pitches and ideas for 45-50 min single episodes (initially) from interested parties. Please be aware that, due to the arc-based nature of the series, I may ask for some tweaks and rewrites here and there as part of the process and a brief synopsis of the idea, cast list and basic episode plan as part of the decision making process.

Advance notice of the post I'll be making once Episode Seven pre-production is underway; with a couple of extra scripts "in hand" and some fresh ideas, it will enable to me to take a breather a bit and not have things so manic next year!

Episode Four is cracking along nicely; 12 more pages to complete shooting and then the clean up/edit etc to commence. With some luck (and a following wind) it will be out sometime between this weekend and next (dependant on how fast things get done). Then, it's all guns blazing to pre-prod on Ep5 (pre-credits teaser and first scene already shot and awaiting VOs for that, so have a slight edge on that one).

It's all go Chez Cave at the moment!


Cathy said...

WoW! What a wonderful opportunity for budding SciFi writers! And what a very nice gesture to the creative community on your part. You ROCK Killian! :)

sisch said...

Oh oh, I think there's something missing... from ep. 4... tomorrow, promise!!

I'm looking forward to hear who will jump on ship and write Odyssey episodes!

Killian said...

Don't panic; I swapped Ep4 and Ep5 around in the production schedule to allow everyone more time to do their lines (as Ep5 was a lot less regular cast intensive).

As for the scripting requests, it's as much helping me out as it is giving people a chance to write an episode; as I'm incredibly anal and protective of my "baby", I'm gonna be scrutinising any pitches and submissions with a microscope before, during AND after the fact! ;)

afterThought said...

If I weren't already struggling with my own, I'd be all over that, lol! But I'm sure some talented soul like yourself will step up to the plate.

Nexarse said...

It would be both an apotheosis and a pinnacle of zeitgeist hegemony if I, meaning in myself me, could formulate and indicatively formulate an episodic component of your anecdotal narrative.

Postus Scriptus: Can Jeebus be in it?