Saturday, 4 July 2009

Captain's Blog 04.07.09

Odyssey: Episode Four is released.

An Odyssey Aid Team, on their way back to the ship after delivering medical aid to a distant colony, is forced down on an unexplored world.

There, matters are complicated by their need to work with some unexpected “visitors”; a situation which is not made easy by the feelings of the Aid Team’s commander, Lieutenant Commander M’raal...

Please enjoy and comment!

Now work commences to Episode Five... aiming to complete the current season by November or December at the latest.

EDIT: The new and improved Odyssey site is available now here; please bear in mind that it's a free host site and there's a bloody annoying Google ad banner smack across the top of it (unless you have Firefox and NoScript tuned to turn off googlesyndication, in which case it doesn't bother you). Please feel free to make suggestions or throw ideas into the mix for this as it will accompany the series as it goes along. Once the site is fully complete and all the basic details are filled in, I'll be moving it to a better host.

UPDATE: I've also mirrored the site HERE (better, as there is no honking banner; just one pop up when you first surf in, apparently), so will probably transfer the site to this host for now.


Cathy said...

I loved it! Posted my glowing review on TMU. Looking forward to the next!

afterThought said...

Very nice job, Killian! Like I said on TMU, I think this is my favorite one yet!

And the new site looks very sweet - I love the improvements! Gonna have to spend some time clicking around. :)

Killian said...

Have moved the site to a different host (see the bottom link) to get away from that bloody annoying banner on the first one.

The site is intended to be a "one stop" shop for background, etc, so that potential writers and series fans have a reference point... hopefully! :)