Saturday, 27 June 2009

Captain's Blog 27.06.09

Finally made some time to create the new Odyssey website; there's not a lot on it at the moment, but it will be added to over time as Odyssey develops.

Episode Four (formerly Episode 5) continues to develop; had all the lines in from everyone now but the wife (who is completing hers over the weekend), so it may come out earlier than expected.

Well, that's enough waffle; back to work!

Monday, 22 June 2009

Captain's Blog 22.06.09

So much to do, so little time...

Working on not one but TWO Odyssey episodes at the moment (due to not knowing which one I'll be able to get out first; Episode Four is the next one slated, but due to RL issues, one of the regular cast may not be able to complete their lines before the "deadline" date. As a fall-back (and because I already had all the guest lines in and the two regulars who were needed for it were available and happy to "step up to the plate"), I am prepping Ep5 as well. That way, if I don't get the needed lines in for Ep4 in time, I can pull the old "switcheroo" and slot "the artist formerly known as Episode 5" into the Ep4 slot and vice versa.

Not ideal, as that puts three arc-heavy episodes together with no breaks (and requires a subtle rejig of the Doctor's lines for Ep4, due to the events of Ep5), but it's do-able without screwing things up.

It DOES mean, though, that if I DO get both lots of lines in in time, there could well be a double episode extravaganza for Odyssey fans, as Ep5 could well come out early (I might be a tightwad, though, and hold it back to it's proper release date at the end of August if that happens, as that gives me more time to work on the script for Blackstar in the meantime).

Another week off coming up, and am planning to get as much footage shot and effects stuff done then as I can in preparation.

Episode 4 (or 5...) marks the halfway point for Odyssey Season One, and a subtle shift in the emphasis of the series begins, leading into the last three episodes and the finale, which will continue in Season Two.

Season One "Shadows Lengthen" is coming to an end; Season Two "Twilight Begins" is soon to commence... and Season Three should contain some shocking revelations about the arc story and the Allianceverse... from an unusual quarter.

Stay tuned to my dribblings and the production threads on TMU for more as the time nears...

Friday, 5 June 2009

Captain's Blog 05.06.09

Bah, humbug.

Ok, so it's not Christmas, but the sentiment is there.

Dragged away for the weekend to a wedding, and not getting back til late Sunday night... and then back to work Monday morning. Oh joy; exactly how I wanted to spend my 2 days off...

Oh well... I shall catch you wonderful space cadets later no doubt!

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Captain's Blog 03.06.09

For anyone who missed the prattle about Roger's acting and appearance in Episode Three, Ken's complaints about the lack of airtime Carpenter gets, writing the characters based on the actors, some bumpf about upcoming episodes and a little sneak info on Blackstar Rising, you can catch the download here.