Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Captain's Blog 30.12.2009

In what will probably be my last blog of 2009, as I type this, Episode Seven is slowly rendering itself in the background.  A year of seven scripts, seven episodes, multitudes of exceptionally talented people, some wonderful friends made, some great movies I've been privileged to be a small part of, and a fantastic time had in the process!

I'm hoping to get Episode Seven premiered (hopefully on New Year's Day) on TMUTheatre (if I can get it rendered and uploaded in time!), so watch this space for an update!

There have been so many fantastic folk who have leant their talent to the production of Season One of Odyssey this past year, that I wanted to reiterate my profound thanks to them all.  So, without any further ado… (takes huge breath…)

Episode One
Chris62, JohnnyEx, K4 and Ken

Episode Two
Allpoint, Dulci, Biggstrek and Uber

Episode Three
Acemaster, Bella, Roger, Nahton, Norrie and WX_IVAN

Episode Four
Act3Scene24 and Kwistufa

Episode Five
Dulci (again), K4 (again), The Artist Formerly Known As Tfoster (;)) and WX_IVAN (again)

Episode Six
Afterthought, Anim8tor Cathy, Chris62 (again), Bella (again), BlazeLee Dragon, Jase180, JetCity Woman, JohnnyEx (again), Ken (again) and Mustachio26

Episode Seven
Bella (again), BlazeLee Dragon (again), Jase180 (again), Nahton (again) and Uber (again).

And, of course, super kudos to my delightful regular cast: -

Goofparade, Sisch, JosephKW, Kwistufa, thebiz, Lanna and Marine101; thank you for your hard work and dedication to the ideal!

Modding as always provided by a plethora of talented people, including (but not limited to): -

Alshten, Biggstrek, Budbundysmullet, BusStopWilly, Dr House, Evolchild, Fraas Movies, Frenhofer, Gunsnroses562, Guppi, Jabhabsoul, Jess Franco, Kwistufa (…again!), MikeDeBoing, Malak,  Rik Vargard, Rileyman (especially for the mod utilities, without which I would have screamed and jumped off something high a long time ago), Rysto, Sexymaria, Skelch, Stvndysn, Tarison, The Punisher and last (but my no means least) Mr Ubernewbie himself.

Without these guys desire to expand the limitations of Lionhead’s engine and provide quality mods for the community, Odyssey would not have been possible.

Special thanks go to (in no particular order)  Kwistufa, Norrie, Dulci, Uber, Allpoint, Animatechnica, Warlord, Wolf, Chris62, JohnnyEx, Sisch and the ubiquitous K4 (Who's Your Daddy?!?) and (of course) Ken and Roger, for their offerings of roles, putting up with me whittering on for hours on end and just plain comradeship in the last 12 months; thanks, guys!

And last, but by no means least, thanks to everyone who has watched Odyssey this year; I hope you enjoyed watching it as much as I enjoyed writing and making it!

Thank you all, and see you all next year for Season Two!

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Captain's Blog 12.12.09

Teaser One for Episode Seven; not brilliant but something to be going on with!

Been so busy with work and other stuff I've hardly got a chance to scratch me own bum right now machinima wise, but hoping to actually get some time over the festive season to kick back and check out some stuff at last!

Catch you all soon, peoples!