Friday, 5 March 2010

Captain's Blog 06.03.10

Been so busy IRL and with putting BSR together I haven't posted a lot recently (well, at all here, anyway :))

Visual work well underway; two scenes rendered for sound editing which have winged (wung?) their merry way off to K4 for him to work his magic (or at least they will once he's recovered from the galloping lurgy he's currently suffering; must be awful being that ancient and having a cold :P)

So, work continuing apace on this; am pretty much waiting for the principal cast to get their lines in now before continuing, so I can structure the other scenes based off their performances.

And then Odyssey Season Two to start, Eldritch to finish... and who knows what else is on the cards?

Laters, phantom reader dudes!

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afterThought said...

Woohoo - can't wait for Season 2! I'm still working on BSR lines - hope to get them to you as soon as I can. :)