Saturday, 16 January 2010

Captain's Blog 16.01.10

Well, it's 2010 and I suppose I'd better make an effort to update this, being as it's well into the new decade now! :)

So, Odyssey Season One is complete and put to bed; glad the series seemed to be well received (which is just as well with 3 more years of scripts to complete the story!!). 

ConQuest (I ought to stop writing it that way; it gives me bad memories of SeaQuest... shudder...) Blackstar Rising on the desk and underway; about 1/3 to 1/2 way through it on the initial run (trying to keep it under control or it'll end up being well over an hour long otherwise!!), my first foray into the Conquest universe.  Quite excited by this, as it's an area of the CQ universe K4's quite wired about (which also means the Old Git will be going over this with a fine toothed comb, so it's gotta be right!)

Kinda wierd writing for someone else's universe; with Odyssey (being mine) I can write what the hell I want and damn the torpedoes, but with this I much narrower field to play in.  K4's really flexible when it comes to adding stuff, but with more CQ coming out (currently, there's only the Enigma Season Two episode, Artifact and Beginnings as full-length (or episode length)), there's going to be less room for maneuver.

Still, it's a script I've wanted to do for some time, showing a distinctly darker edge to the upto now mostly clean CQ universe (with the exception of Artifact to a certain degree).  It's slated to fit into the "next generation" timeframe of CQ, towards the end of the Coalition and the momentous events that will be making an appearance on your screens later this year or early next year in a sneaky way (stay tuned for that when it blasts onto your screens; it'll be a doozy!); backstabbing, political manuevering, treachery, sneakiness and some dark actions by the eponymous "heroes" of the piece, I'm looking forward to getting this done.

But, of course, it'll mean getting the damned script finished first!  I'd better get back to it, or I'll end up like K4 ;)

Toodle pipski (as a certain Arnold Rimmer would say...); til the next time...

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Uber said...

Is it going to be dialogue heavy, like an Odyssey in Conquest clothing, or something exciting and tense? Also, I lliked seaquest and was a bit sad it couldn't find its way. Season 1 was the best IMHO.