Saturday, 18 April 2009

Captain's Blog 18.04.09

Phew! Episode Two is completed at last and should be uploaded in the next couple of days; final checks to do and then I can render it out. Then onto finishing Episode 6 (well, rewriting it, to be frank; since I took a break to do some shooting, I've had a much better idea for the penultimate episode, which still keeps the focus on the character of Leyland, but challenges the character in a much more direct way. Of course, as always, there will be ties to the backstory (going all the way back to the pilot and beyond...), hints about the arc plot and the set-up for the season finale.

Bad news on the War of the Worlds front; Chris' PC died a death and he lost a fair chunk of the work he'd already done on Part Three. However (and given the fact he's limited to using his son's PC at the moment), I THINK he's going to redo that part as a mostly iClone movie, which should be a real interesting result (so, there may well be an up side to the death of his machine, after all). Not positive on this, yet, as I haven't been able to speak to him about it yet, but more news as and when.

Got a whole (well, not quite a whole) week off at last to feck about and finish my outstanding projects off; due to the enforced stop on WotW, that means I can take my time a bit more polishing the last script up and taking out some of the overly wordy monologues which plagued Part One a bit (hard to translate the text into visuals when you're not directing it yourself and, with the original novel and album being narrated, I wanted to keep very much in that vein for the movies, but it's harder for the director to conceptualise the scenes if you've basically got the principal actors describing everything that's happening on screen at the same time!)

More to do to finish off Episode Two (might cobble together a little post-credits something with the lines I already have in for Episode Three, which could be fun...); chores (boo!) to complete, so will add more later.

Enjoy your Saturday, phantom readers!


BiggsTrek said...

And what a cool episode it was, too. And I'm not just saying that because I was in it... Actually, it's almost in spite of that, as I really can't act, and my sound quality is below par (hopefully fixed now with a new microphone!)

Anyway, a cool story, told very very well.

Killian said...

Glad you enjoyed it; the biggest drive I have to make Odyssey (or, indeed, any machinima) is to tell the stories I have sloshing around in my cess-pit of a mind. If others enjoy them as well, then my job is done :)