Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Captain's Blog 14.04.09

Well, Fourth Wall Break is out (a little disappointed it hasn't got as many views as I thought it might... and the seeming lack of interest in the contest itself is very disappointing, which is one reason why I made it (Dulci's come up with a very cool concept, that should have sparked a lot of entries... or so I would have thought); it seems to have been missed in the sudden scramble people have made for the Trailer contest, which is a major shame).

Anyway, onwards and forwards (or upwards); Episode Two is well on the final leg now. Last scene to construct and shoot tonight, then the last three to insert VOs into and initial editing. A couple of remounts to do (as only just located a prop for a vital section of the episode, or else the dialogue doesn't make a lot of sense...), final editing for soundtrack, etc and done. Then, pre-production starts on Ep3, which will be a heavily effects-laden episode (so am gonna get those shots done and in the bag first).

Happy to say I've got all but one guest-star role cast with some great acting talent for Ep3, and all the guest stars for Ep4 have been cast already. Got a couple of envisaged roles to fill for Ep6 and then the season finale (where a lot of old faces will return, but not necessarily as people remember them...).

Back to work for 4 days today; then off for 3 days, then back in to go to a meeting in the provincial hell-hole of Solihull, armpit of the Midlands... then off til the following Weds (so hoping I can finally get my writing done at last on my outstanding projects).


Dulci said...

I'm not leaving reviews on any of the entries until the contest is done, but I sure do appreciate your interest and support!

Killian said...

I just wish there were more than 2 entries for this; for some reason, it just doesn't seem to have caught people's eyes... might be worth a bit of a concerted effort to promote it.

Norrie said...

Here's the problem with Dulci's contest Vs. the Trailer one.

Get given 5 lines and put them in a two minute flick – piece of piss. (unless you're Jakey and miss one out).
Create something that blurs the lines and says something about your hobby. Involves thought and ideas.

Given that TMU is full of kids, they're always going to take the easy option. Hell, most of them can't be bothered watching other stuff unless they're cyber fellating.
Most of them have zero interest in watching films for the sake of it: there's always an angle.

Whole place is like fecking MySpace now.
/Rant off :)

Norrie said...

And, of course, Mefunt raves over each of his entries (ooh err) as soon as it's uploaded.

"You did funny with my (funny because I wrote them) lines"

Before the contest / competition ends.

Prizes in Machinawhat? Lots worth going for
Prizes in Mefunt want reviews? The opposite of priceless :(

I'm sorry, but his reviewing of Ethan's mess of a trailer, so quickly, tells me that the contest is about the maker, not the entrants. Pisses me off.

(and I'm ranting again; I'll stop, honest)