Thursday, 23 April 2009

Captain's Blog 23.04.09

Episode Two complete and out; some pre-prod done on Episode Three (all the actors now cast for that); all actors cast for Episode 4; all actors ready for Episode 5. One of the guests confirmed for Episode 6 and a slew of people to approach for the two part Episode 7/8 season finale. Just have to complete the scripts now! Episode Six first draft is about 1/3 written (after three false starts, I think I've finally licked it)... some of the intro to Episode 7 written and the general plot worked out in rough.

War of the Worlds Part Three still to complete, but with Chris out of action, Section 3 to re-film and another project in the pipeline for him, there's no rush to get that out. My not-so-secret Conquest project is then next up on the block, then my plate is relatively clear.

Which will enable me to look at a project I've "ummm"ed and "ahhh"ed about for a while; a modern adventure/horror tale, based on a long lasting RPG campaign our group played for quite some time (and one I didn't write, for once!)


Dulci said...

A modern/adventure horror tale? Based on RPG? I demand a frontrow seat for this adventure!

Killian said...

If it turns out like the campaign did, it will be... interesting, to say the least :P

Imagine a group comprised of a fallen angel on the path to redemption, a psychopathic user of magic who could effectively warp reality with a twist of her wrist (who had been the subject of demonic experiments from an early age, which naturally made her a little... touched), a pubescent werewolf with little to no control over his actions, and a demon stool-pigeon who owned a gunshop in Los Angeles...

...guaranteed a laugh-a-minute, I'm sure you agree... :)

Norrie said...

I detect some Whedon influences there!

(Dark) Willow
and a Willie the Bartender / Doyle hybrid

See. I can be a geek given the right material :D

Killian said...

Full points for geekdom there, mate; yes, indeed it did develop from a Buffy-type vibe, but rapidly got a lot darker and more twisted as time went on...

It did include such lighter moments as an epic fight with a knife-wielding hashashin in an Arabian toilet and a bomb scare during an Oscars ceremony with several celebrity cameos that stand out as particular favourite moments.

It tended to swing violently from the sublime to the ridiculous, and we all had a great time playing in that campaign, until the characters got far too powerful to keep our suspension of disbelief in check much longer and we ended up retiring them.

Norrie said...

Having lived in Arabia (Qatar) I can safely say that there are MUCH scarier things in an Arabian toilet than knife wielding maniacs :)