Friday, 9 January 2009

Ranting time

Need to get this off my chest as it's really stuck in my craw; majorly pissed off that someone who is such an attention whore manages to drive valued members of the community to attack each other, drive people away and still manage to come out looking like the victim, when it was the attitude displayed by this elitist prick (towards the very people he purported to be supporting in a previous rant on another thread on another forum, I might add...) that started the whole thing in the first place.

Ok, the thread in question got a little out of hand, mainly due I think to the frazzled tempers, but it's exactly the attitude that this person (I use the word advisedly) has displayed towards new film makers and the blatant disrespect for others that was publically posted that caused the whole uproar in the first place, which ended up with a quitting mod and 3 other members walking away from the whole thing. A sad, sad day indeed for the whole community, "in my opinion"...

One does NOT lambast new and potential film makers; a proper reviewer will critique, sure, but not just concentrate on the bad stuff in ANY movie without giving some advice, and one certainly does NOT make elitist comments like "I will only be reviewing movies made with TM", when the whole idea is to bring the disparate communities together, not drive them apart. Still at least our iClone and MS bedfellows won't have to suffer the unique brand of crap being spouted at them... at least for now.

Sadly, the situation will basically make a lot of newcomers think "Jesus, what a shower THIS place is!" and might very well result in newbies avoiding the forums and ultimately the movie site like the plague; it's already cost us 3 respected members of the community (no doubt there will be some who think "good riddance", in which case they need to seriously adjust their attitudes, "in my opinion").

"Honest reviewer", my arse... it's an OPINION, not gospel, and if people ask not to have their movies reviewed, that request should be respected... blatantly refusing to honour that request is effectively telling everyone that this individual has absolutely NO respect for anyone at all... it's not like I expected it, though, to ne honest, based on the previous rantings made about specific individuals in the community, the entire moderating team and the site and its members in general...

My ignore list is now one name longer than it was before last night; no loss "in my opinion" (which is what all this is, ultimately; make of it what you will).

/rant over; piece said, moving on.

We now return you to our regularly scheduled programming...

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