Thursday, 8 January 2009

Captain's Blog 07.01.09

Episode Four of Odyssey completed and distributed; War of the Worlds Part Two well underway; Episode Five to commence work on. 3 more scripting jobs in the pipeline, all for fellow community members; 1 for a series, 1 for an old friend and one for a dear friend :) Not at liberty to discuss who or what yet, so we'll leave that little snippet dangling, shall we? :)

Coupla roles to get down as well, which I'm planning on recording this weekend for an upcoming movie. Lines to record for Ken for Daedelus as well over the next few weeks, so that's something else in the pipe... and, of course, Odyssey to continue. Halfway through the planned episodes for the first season, all of which are character pieces of one sort or another, so pretty much on track at the moment to meet my self-imposed "production schedule".

The first two "arc" episodes are complete, with two more in this season and a linked series of 3 episodes and the season opener for Series 2 all in synopsis form. It's all go in the Cave at the moment, I tell you!

More tapping away to complete, so I will leave you to ponder this ages-old question: What is an occasional table the rest of the time?

Hmmmmm.... bye for now :)

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