Friday, 9 January 2009

Captain's Blog 08.01.09

Onto more pleasant thoughts... Part Two of WotW completed and passed to Chris for his views and comments; one more Part to write then it all just needs putting together :)

Episode Five about to go onto the desktop; big character piece for the Doctor and Ensign Cross, which should be a character defining piece if I can pull the threads together :)

Birthday looms; quiet one this year (the "credit crunch" tends to curtail festivities, after all), probably some wine, maybe a pizza... wooo, big spender :P

I might treat myself to a lie in; that's about the limit of my spoiling, I reckon :P

Chunk of lines to record for an upcoming movie tomorrow, so that (coupled with consultation on WotW, writing and drinking lots of coffee) will probably be my Saturday... meh, it's a life :P

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