Saturday, 10 January 2009

Captain's Blog 10.01.09

Interesting development following a brainstorming session with the story arc of Odyssey has me quite stoked. Won't say more at the moment about it til its laid down a bit more solidly, but some nice potential indeed has appeared...

Lines day today; got a bunch to do for an upcoming movie, got the missus to gently remind about doing some as well... it's all go at Killian Caves at the moment :)

Taking a WotW break for a coupla days to get started on Episode 5 of Odyssey so I can try and get that out in between drafts. Still working on ideas for Secret Project Number 2 (but I have a vague plan for it); Secret Project Number One is basically down in very rough format, so dependant on how things pan out with WotW and Odyssey, that might be the next one into the writing tray :)

Taking a break for a day or two to consider recent events. I'll post further once I have gone over things in a calm and considered way and decided on the way forward.

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