Sunday, 6 March 2011

Captain's Blog: The Roger and Ken Show (Sunday 6 Mar 2011; 8-12 UK time)

Selfish self-promotion time; if you have nothing better to do than listen to a Brit gabbling for an hour about Odyssey and stuff, tune in to the Roger and Ken Show on TMOA tonight (from 7-12 UK time) and listen to me whittering on.  If nothing else, it's guaranteed to leave you comfortably numb :)

You can tune in through one of the links provided HERE on the showthread via TMU.

And, who knows?  If you ask Ken or Roger nicely and it's a reasonably sensible question, they may even ask me for the answer (provided it's not the one about where babies come from, how many beans make five or which Australian marsupial would win in a fight between a wombat and a platypus... I mean, it's clearly the latter, despite what that Biggstrek bloke would have you believe!)

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