Monday, 28 February 2011

Captain's Blog: Season Two and Beyond

Well, Episode One is out and, despite a couple of glitchy moments and a weird sound rendering issue that made the balance go a bit wonky in places, it seems to have been received pretty well so far.

In an effort to try and expand the "screen time" of some of the subsiduary characters (especially with so much changing since the end of Season One and the start of Season Two), I'm embarking on a series of short "Interludes" to shift focus to other strands of the arc as it edges it's way into the light.  The first of these should debut soon, bringing an old face back into the Odyssey fold ;)

In addition, there are three other writers having a bash at Odyssey scripts this season (which helps immensely); Episodes Two, Three and Five are all being tackled by outside writers, who will hopefully inject some fresh perspective into the developing story of Odyssey.  I'm already better able to see where the final season will head and have a developing idea that (if all parties agree) could be a real corker if it can work; but that's at least a year away yet, so we'll see how things grow between then and now...


Anonymous said...

Sound like episode 3 is the most awesome.

Killian said...

...nice try, Uber :P