Sunday, 23 January 2011

Captain's Blog: Writer's Block? Try this as an exercise!

The Wolf and Dulci Show (Mondays at 10pm EST, 9pm CST on TMOA Radio) has another of it's Audience Participation Events (or "APEs" as they are known in the venacular ;)), and this one is a good 'un for writers.

The premise is easy enough; "watch the video HERE, then write a screenplay (minimum 5 minutes in duration) that follows the theme of the video news broadcast posted.

In essence, the news broadcast is meant to "set the stage" for the screenplay. The actual story can be anything surrounding this broadcast i.e. events leading up to it, events during it or after it. Comedic, dramtaic, romantic, action, thriller, horror - all types are acepted. The only caveat is that the screenwriter must include a female lead role for Dulci to play. Other than that, it's fun and frivolity time.

Winning entry (as determined by Dulci, myself and a handful of other judges) will be produced in an iclone movie as well the writer will receive the equivalent of $100 USD worth of my iclone content. We look forward to everyone's participation."

A 5 mins+ movie with a good starting point that could go anywhere? Surely a godsend for an aspiring screenwriter!

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