Monday, 10 January 2011

Captain's Blog: The Nobbit (Part 2) goes on General Release

That's right, folks; if you missed any of the premieres over the last week, you can now watch "The Nobbit: Part 2" in the comfort of your own living room at a time to suit YOU, the casual viewer!

I'm inordinately proud of the work the mammoth cast did and especially Gabe for putting it together; yes it's juvenile, yes it's not exactly high-brow entertainment and yes, no doubt some will really not like it.  But I had a blast sniggering over lines, rasping my throat out (in more ways than one; all I can say is, be prepared for at least one more singing performance in Part 3!) and being involved in this.

But then again, it's no surprise, really; Gabe is a sickeningly talented git and I hate him! *

Anyway, enough brown-nosing to the boss; go and watch it HERE. There's something for everyone... well, most people... well, anyone who likes juvenile humour and a load of grown men and women making arses of themselves in the name of entertainment, anyway :)

* Please note: parts of the preceeding paragraph may not actually be true...

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