Thursday, 8 October 2009

Captain's Blog 08.10.09

It's coming....

Yes, the premiere awards ceremony of the year is approaching; the First Annual TMU Ollie Awards will be hitting an internet stream near you this coming Sunday (11 October).

This weekend, Roger and Ken will be playing host to the awarding of these prestigious awards to those film makers, directors, voice artists, modders, writers, composers, etc, etc, that have sufficiently impressed the filmic collective at TMUnderground in the last year, that they went ahead and nominated them for an award!

So, this weekend, tune into the Roger and Ken Show for 5 hours of celebration of some of the best machinima work in the last 12 months!

Be there, or be a small right-angled, 2 dimensional cuboid!


sisch said...

Lol... 2 dimensional cuboid (didn't even know that is a word!:D)

It's funny how "filmic collective" is sticking with us, isn't it? All praise Norrie!

Anyway, I hope the show will have a lot of listeners.. restistance is futile!

Mmhh... my word verification is "Prost" (german for cheers) - that's an omen! :D

Norrie said...

Don't forget the "Live from the Red Carpet" spectacular, broadcast from outside the K4 theatre the hour before the event itself.

Hosted by the fabulous MGM Kid and some Scottish pillock :D