Monday, 12 October 2009

Captain's Blog 12.10.09

The Day After The Night Before...

And so it ends.  The First Ollies Show... what a night!

Hopefully everyone had fun; we had a few shocks, some expectations and a great time was had by all, I hope!

Needless to say, not everything went according to plan.  The Old Git (Mr K4 himself) bust his arm in two places on Saturday and was in a great deal of pain, yet (consumate professional that he is, bless his little cottons) he continued with a 4 hour stint on the show, in a fantastic MC performance that was worthy of an Ollie all by itself!  Well, maybe a few of the jokes could have done with the dust being blown off them BEFORE he wheeled them out, but still... ;)

Huge thanks to everyone who supported the awards, helped out with guest announcing (oodles of people; far too many to thank individually, but heartfelt gratitude to you all), musically (thanks Norrie, you Scots git!  Note the absence of the usual "miserable" there, as he made a gigantic effort to actually enjoy himself last night... though most of that was a drive to get MGM to snort on air, I feel...), organisationally (thanks Ken and Tom!), spiritually (especially that bottle of Glenfiddich that kept me sane throughout the show...)

Great turn out; chat was packed to the gills.  And some VERY close calls in the final round (a lot closer than some people might think, I reckon...).

All in all, I think everyone involved enjoyed themselves; we learned some lessons for next time, but overall everything went smoothly enough.

We'll be jigging the format a little for next time, and hopefully having a harder time when it comes to nominating and voting next time round!


Norrie said...

"...he made a gigantic effort to actually enjoy himself last night..."
You can thank Stanislavski and his "method" for that.

What no one saw was me punching a puppy during the breaks.
I was robbed of the Best Actor Ollie!

Killian said...

Stanislavski? Sounds more like Pavlov to me...