Sunday, 26 April 2009

Captain's Blog 26.04.09

At last; the Episode Six script is completed in first draft and off to my checking guy for first looky-loo. In the meantime, the double length season finale Episode Seven is underway and upto page 11 as I type. The blockage I had with Episode Six which stymied me for weeks has been blown out the airlock at long last, and hopefully now I can get back on track and crack out what I was trying to achieve all week (namely, completing Season One scripting and getting started on my CQ script).

TMOA tonight, in the company of Uber and old K4, which should be fun. Wrench packed in case Roger goes off on one, so tis all good.

Anyway, stuff to do, mods to complete, more writing to do. Auf Wiedersehen (for now!)


Dulci said...

Nice job on TMOA today!

Killian said...

Really? I thought we got a bit silly, to be honest :D

Well, so long as it was enjoyed by folk, that's the main thing... I don't think anyone really learned anything, but hey! It was fun (as it always is)!

Cathy said...

I enjoyed the show immensely and thanks for taking my questions offline. You are not only a great filmmaker, you are a very generous creator. Thanks Again.

Killian said...

You're most welcome; I have oodles of time for anyone who approaches me politely and with well-informed questions :) It certainly beats getting PMs with "hey dude, how'd you do XXX, lolz", that's for sure :P

sisch said...

Hey dude, c'mon, you don't like me silly questions????11lolz :p

*ahem* Move along... (sorry!):D

Killian said...

{frowns at Sisch)... oh dear, oh dear, oh dear... I sense it's time for the electrodes again, my dear... :P