Saturday, 25 April 2009

Captain's Blog 25.04.09


Why "bah", you say? No, I haven't suddenly turned into a sheep overnight (sorry Norrie :P), but have been beating my head against a brick wall for some time now with Episode Six. I just can't get the premise to work properly. So, after some serious thought, I've plumped for extending the plotline for Episode 7 backwards by an episode (purely because, being rational about it, with the scope of that Episode, it'd be madness to try and cram everything into it that I was going to... 4 seperate stories, each important to the overall plot, in two episodes? Crazy).

So, I've gone back to the drawing board. I've salvaged what scenes I can from the original draft and am embarking on the huge job of putting together the season finale, split over two episodes. I've already got the major notes, it just needs some tweakage to bring it together.

In (vaguely) other Odyssey related news, I was massively pleased to see that JosephKw's "The Shadow Over Innsmouth" is nearly ready for release. I've been a huge HP Lovecraft fan for years (ever since coming across my first copy of "The Call of Cthulhu and other Macabre Tales" in a second hand bookshop in Manchester many gibbous moons ago), and Joseph is quite simply a master at portraying Mythos tales on screen; everything else will definately get dropped the second that gets released!

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