Saturday, 28 February 2009

Captain's Blog 28.02.09

At long last, it is out.

Episode One is up and running (after about 4 false starts; bloody Veoh and Vimeo... major pain in the arse getting it upped).

Work to recommence on the Episode 6 script and prelim work on Episode Two underway in advance of the arrival of VO lines, so end of March is the next slated release date (though, if I can get everything back and done before then, Stigmata will be released).

For now, go enjoy the ride... it's 54 mins long, mostly character dialogue and very few "eye candy" moments, but then, that's what I write! There are some sound and gfx glitches that crept in during shooting; a coupla bad angles I didn't spot til after I'd rendered it and a major section in the last third I had to dump altogether as couldn't pull off the space battle convincingly, but all in all am happy with it.

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