Sunday, 22 February 2009

Captain's Blog 22.02.09

It's Sci-Fi Sunday!

Yes, despite being on 3 weeks in a row, Ken has foolishly asked me back on TMOA again, in the illustrious company of K4, Capt'n Strider and Uber, to discuss Sci-Fi in machinima and it's popularity. Looking forward to chewing the fat live on air with my Skype compadres (I just hope for the listening public's morals that we keep it tamer than we usually get when yattering across the airways!).

3/4 of Episode One now complete; am on the home stretch of principal shooting now so hoping to break the back of the largest section of footage today.

I've slung up a quick teaser for Episode One in advance of completing and issuing the full episode.

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