Thursday, 22 January 2009

Captain's Blog 22.01.09

Have broken the back of Episode 5 at last and it's flying along (phew :P); two more scripts for that and Season One writing is completed. Then comes the task of putting it all together :)

VOs coming in thick and fast from the guest cast for Episodes One and Two; regulars slowly filtering them in (end of the month please, people :P).

"Secret Project #1" completed and sent off to the "requester"; "Secret Project #2" and "#3" still in the design stages and need to get some work done on Part Three of WotW this weekend to try and get that finished off. All but one set of VOs from Part One actors are in now, I'm given to understand, so Chris will start putting that together over the next few weeks.

With Marine's and GP's VOs in, I can start putting together Ep1 on the side as a break from writing, so might do a bit of that as well this weekend and get some screenshots out to pop on the production thread.

So much stuff to do, so little time... god, I love my hobby ;)

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