Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Captain's Blog 21.01.09

Busy time of year coming up at work, so time to update this bloggette will be limited for the next few weeks, so I'd best make the most of it :)

Hunting still for a M'raal (got a certain someone who has expressed an interest in possibly doing the role, so am awaiting a response)... some more roles for Episodes 2-4 outlined and 3 more episodes in the pipeline to write.

Episode 5 is being particularly awkward to work out, due to the streamlined cast. The 6 or so main actors, only 2 of which are regulars, is making the dialogue iffy to write believably. However, I will persevere with it, as it's an integral definement episode for M'raal and Cross and fills in a lot of backstory to the Stellar War between the Canis and the Alliance.

And then, of course, there's War of the Worlds Part Three to complete...

So it's busy, busy, busy at the moment...

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