Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Captain's Blog: "We were on a BREAAAKKK!!" Update

...and still am...

Just dropping a note to those who read the tripe I scribble on here and have passed on their good wishes, and those who have mailed me over the last few weeks inquiring about how I'm getting on and so forth; hearty thanks to those goodly folk for your thoughts and support; it's much appreciated.

So, an update... where are we?

Still in the Slough of Despond, I'm afraid!  Life is mad as a brush right now, so I still don't have the time to sit down and write or film or practically anything right at the moment.

Following the estate sorting issue I had to contend with (which left a bitter taste in my mouth and is something I could really have done without; family... jeeeez), there came a mass of stuff from out of left field at work, coupled with trying to find a new job so I can move (as some of you may know, my missus and I have been trying to move back to the North West (my home region) for over a year and, as the wife has already been working up there for a year while I've been trying to get myself something that pays at least as well as my current job (not easy in the current economic climate), we've had precious little time to spend together and the whole thing has been taking it's toll), as well as outside work I've taken on to give us more "pin money", as well as my PC gasping out it's last and being now practically fit only for propping up the shelf in the corner, it's been an irritating and taxing couple of months.

I've made commitments to people for lines for projects they've started (some quite a while ago, mentioning no names... :P), which I'm honouring, along with lending my weedly skillz to Team Wartechnica where I can again this year, but other than that I'm not in a position either time or technology wise to do any animation work or take on any extra "work" outside of what I've already got.

As far as projects go, everything on my side has come to a screeching halt until the situation improves; no time for writing means no further scripts for Odyssey at the moment (and, if I've got no time for writing, I damn sure can't sit down and try to string a movie together right now), so we're still on hiatus.

I do try to drop in here and there when I have a spare few minutes, but I literally have very scant time free at the moment, so if you're wondering why I haven't posted or responded to emails, that's why (when it comes to emails, right now I'm wading through a ton of stuff I haven't had a chance to catch up with in my "general" mailbox, as well as my "personal personal" mail and that's a ton of stuff to go through!)

Because of the lack of free time and the general slow down at this time of year, the Ollies has also gone into hibernation this time, unfortunately (as if you hadn't already guessed :P).  It does mean that, given the extra time, we'll hopefully bring it back next year in a leaner, meaner full-fighting trim (look on the bright side!); although it's fun, it's bloody hard work for all involved behind the scenes, and I just haven't got the time to take on what is effectively an extra full-time job this year with everything else on my plate.

So, there we have it.  I'm not around right now and for the foreseeable... annoying, especially when I was approached about Eldritch considering being shown at Dragon*Con this year (which was a massive surprise, an honour and a tribute to Mac's scripting and the acting talents of Bezzer, Mac, KV and Tom).  Once things settle down, I'll be back with a bang... or a whimper, dependant on whether I stub my toe or not!

Aloha; auf wiedersehen, adieu, fare thee well, etc until next time!

UPDATE: Eldritch IS being shown at Dragon*Con this year :)  I'm immensely proud of the this fact, more for Mac's work on the script and Mac and Bezzer and KV and Tom and the wife for their work on the voices than anything else; congrats, guys!

If you happen to be there, it's being shown in the block between 10:00am-12:30pm on Saturday, September 3rd at the Sheraton Hotel (MMO Track room - check the program booklet for exact room).

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BiggsTrek said...

For all your delays, I think you're still a better chance of getting Odyssey done before my film comes out... :(

Good luck, mate! (that's serious...)