Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Captain's Blog: Eldritch - Apocalypse Then

Renewed interest in this over the last month or so, coupled with grabbing some much needed proppage from the likes of Chris Ollis (of Moddingstorm fame, without whose props I would never have been able to even think about getting this project started), KV, Squirrelygirl and PapaG over at the MS forums (special thanks to the latter two for a special modding job for a crucial scene!), has enabled me to get cracking on this project in between Odyssey episodes.

For the curious, this is the project I did the casting hint thread about on the TMU forums a while back... all is now revealed!

The backstory of this is something else that sprang out of an RPG tabletop campaign that ran for a looooonnngg time, and covers another genre I love and wanted to have a crack at; horror/adventure.

Macwemyss is beavering away on a script that will sink the Titanic for the mini-series/pilot (and you thought I was the only one who wrote scripts that were longer than the Bible!), based off the few notes and first few pages I scribbled a long while back... and it's a corker!

So, what's it about, you ask? Well, if you remember in the dim and distant past the original teaser I put up about a year ago, it's a dark, gritty look at the secret war going on between the forces of Light and Dark... and the man caught between them both.

I already have some great VO talent lined up (Mac, Bezzer (who turns in a great performance as one of the regular characters), Norrie, LewisQ and KV, with a couple more still to respond (hopefully positively!)), and the first test shots came out pretty well, even though I say so myself!

No firm release date yet, but it's likely it will come out in multiple parts, mainly because the first 15 mins or so rendered out at 250mb on it's own!

And, as always, the main thing is I'm having immense fun producing my first lengthy Moviestorm project, so it's all good!

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