Thursday, 9 December 2010

Captain's Blog: Odyssey Season Two

Yes; I finally sat down tonight and had some time to start blocking out scenes for Odyssey Season Two!

A year after Season One wrapped (in which I've done a ton of things I never imagined doing this time last year; writing my own stuff, a coupla scripts for others, advising on a couple more, voice-acting, being honoured to be a part of Team WarTechnica in the 48hr Machinima contest, presenting at MachinimaExpo (thanks to Kate and Ricky for approaching me on that one!) and even singing (yes, you read that right!  Let's just say a certain someone talked me into a couple of renditions for a certain movie that's being worked on right now; not saying any more til the time is right, or it might scare people away from watching it!); I'd have never thought I'd have done half that lot this time last year!

So, at last, with a little free time not being taken up with either work (mad time with the state of play with the economy in the UK and the recently announced government cut-backs), working on eventually moving the family back to the "Old Stompin' Grounds" where I originally hail from, trying to keep my social life afloat (actually, make that trying to HAVE a social life!) and odds and ends for others, I actually fired up TM "in anger" for the first time in ages and blocked out the first page of Episode One.

A little rusty from not looking at it for a while (other than the presentation for the Expo), it took me a while to remember the controls for one thing!  A good hour's work netted me about a minute of footage, so I guess that means Odyssey Season Two is GO for launch at long last!

More dribble when I get some more time to sit down and type it!

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