Thursday, 22 July 2010

The TMU Ollie Awards 2010

The Second Annual Ollies

Yes, folks! It’s that time again! Ollie time! (Cue bad MCHammer impression).

TMU’s premiere awards are back for their second year; after such a great reception last time, we’re gonna try to go bigger and better this year!

For those who weren’t around last year, the process is simple; we are looking for everyone (for indeed YOU, as the viewing public, will be the "members of the Academy" in these awards) to place their votes for the award categories below; everyone gets a vote and the winners will be chosen based on the total number of votes tallied for each category. This way, the community speaks, and the winners will be those voted for BY the community as a whole.

You can Nominate those films, series, actors, modders, directors, writers, musicians, etc, that qualify in the Nomination Phase. This phase will give us our shortlist of candidates for the Voting Phase which will determine the final winners of the coveted 2010 Ollies!

Go here to see the full post, including how to nominate YOUR choices for this year's awards!

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