Monday, 19 October 2009

Captain's Blog 19.10.09

Well, I took the plunge and shelled out for iClone 4 today.  Now all I need to do is learn how to use it ;)

I have been holding off on changing engines for a while until I was sure what I wanted to do could be done, and I think iClone 4 is as close as it can get right now to the potential for what I need for the future.

Episode Six principle shooting is now complete; I just need the last lot of VOs and I can start putting it together.  Episode Seven will follow on it's heels (already completed the precredits shooting for that), then Blackstar goes into full swing... then a few weeks back on the keyboard, frantically banging out Season Two... in between learning how to use my new toy, of course! :)


afterThought said...

*gasp!* Welcome to the Dark Side, Killian! :D Woohoo, the iClone world is going to see some awesome stuff from you! If you need any help with figuring stuff out, just holler! :D

Dulci said...

I knew you couldn't resist the cookies for long!

WarLord said...

Ha... now we got ya! Welcome aboard the iClone express. Like aT said... you need any help... just let us know. Great job at the ollies too... top notch. Lotta fun.