Monday, 10 August 2009

Captain's Blog 10.08.09

Been a while since I last updated; with the TMU birthday celebrations, work, working on Episode Five and so on, it's been a bit manic :)

Any road, Tom and I launched the first Annual TMU Awards this weekend (named "The Ollies", in honour of the great reviewer of TMU days (thanks to K4 for the idea)).

Nominations are being sought from all registered TMU Forum members; there are 45 categories up for grabs, with some nice prizes up for the winners (not least of which are shiny forum badges and hopefully some in-game Olly props as well!).

To cast your votes, go HERE and complete the form. Submit it once filled out et voila! Job done!

First round votes need to be in by 31 August 2009; the top 3 in each category will be posted, and the second round voting will take place. The top nominated in each category will be judged the winner.

So, if you're a TMU member, pop over to the voting form and give us your nominations!