Saturday, 30 May 2009

Captain's Blog 30.05.09

It's the last day of May, and Episode Three is out and about at last.

Had some major issues with the sound in this one; the volume goes up drastically for some reason at around 30-35 minutes in, and is generally not great all through.

No idea why; I didn't do anything different to every other time I've exported, so am forced to conclude my dinosaur of a PC is starting to give up the ghost again (the sound card died not so long ago and I managed to cobble it back together, but reckon the whole thing is destined for the big scrapyard in the sky...)

Oh well; these things are sent to try us. Onwards and upwards and forwards, as they say; BSR to finish scripting and Ep4/5 to think about now... it's all go in the cave!

EDIT: It's the Sunday following an episode release... (which usually means I get to go on air and bore everyone who's listening into a coma with my inane drivel again!)

Yes, I'm on Roger and Ken once more, with my old chum the Plumbing God Mr Strange-Burlong, and the delightful Mr White as MC (as always), trying desperately to get us to talk about something... ANYTHING related to making machinima... best of luck, Ken :P

As ever, tune in HERE; if you have any interesting questions, fire them through to Ken or Roger on Skype before or during and I'll do my best to answer them (provided they aren't of the "two trains leave Chicago and New York..." variety, of course ;))


Cathy said...

I gave EPISODE 3 A STANDING OVATION! What great writing and acting and set & sound design. It was intriguing to watch and a visual treat - Killian your writing and directing is totally off the hook AMAZING. You character development woven into the plot line is stellar, sophisticated, highlighted with subtle nuances that really make it all so believable - I can't say enough good things about Odyssey. The acting was impeccable, the sets were jaw-dropping (engineering especially) your production values are the highest of the high. Thank You for sharing your unmatched imagination and creativity with us.

Killian said...

Oh, stop it! :)

The most important thing for me is for people to enjoy it; if they do, then the hard work has all been worth it.

The joy in having a simply stellar voice cast of regulars (all of whom are also throughly brilliant people as well) and some enormously talented guest actors simply knows no bounds. I know if I wrote ANYTHING, the guys and gals who work with me will be able to pull it off believeably, simply due to their amazing talent.

Having done several installments now with the same cast, it's been (and continues to be) a joy to work alongside people who've not only been happy to throw in their lot with someone who was a complete unknown to the community less than a year ago, but who continue to "get" exactly what the whole thing is about (which is a god send).

And, the devil is in the detail (even if that stuff doesn't make it onto the screen all at once, it's still a driving force behind the writing and visualisation process).