Saturday, 4 April 2009

Captain's Blog 04.04.09

Busy on the Episode Two front, so not had much chance to jump on here and scribble any old drivel down as usual.

I've decided to "branch out" a tad from sci-fi for a short which I'm entering into the Machiniwhat? Contest (the concept sounded great when I thought of it and anyway, if nothing else, it allows me to spread my wings a bit from sci-fi for once into the realms of low comedy (VERY low; don't expect many laughs :P)), based on an idea that struck me like a bar of falling soap one evening in the shower (I really must move that shelf, thinking about it...).

For this, am trying to find the time to learn a bit of Moviestorm to do the opening and tail ending of the short (the middle section is being shot in The Movies, for reasons that will become apparent when you see it); my initial forays were not... good, shall we say :P

Still, it's all a learning curve as a wise man once told me, so if nothing else it's a fun diversion from the usual. More as and when (well, probably when it comes out, to be honest ;)).


Dulci said...

I'm glad to hear you're thinking of submitting a movie!

sisch said...

If I can help you in any way with Moviestorm (tips and tricks), let me know! :)

Killian said...

Thank you kindly, my dear. Not usually one for entering competitions or anything, but in this instance (after lambasting someone for not reading the bleedin' thread properly :P), I had an epiphany and decided to put my artistry where my mouth usually is :P

Not expecting to actually get anywhere with it, but at least it might get a few sniggers :P