Sunday, 8 February 2009

Captain's Blog 08.02.09

Busy, busy, busy... it's all go Chez Cave at the moment :)

Brief waffling appearance (complete with dodgy mic) on TMOA last week, and again this week with my observations on Magix and maybe FXHome VisionLab.

Episode One filming going well; coupla remounts needed upto now but it's all going pretty well.

Not much else to say at the moment. Have seen some rough cut footage from War of the Worlds Part One, gave Chris my observations and driven the poor sod batty with my perfectionist vision, but I'm sure he'll cope ;)

More as and when... meep meep!


sisch said...

You are such an incredible creative whirlwind... the speed at which you pop out scripts and film amazes me.

Enjoyed talking to you about outside editing tonight and can't wait to see episode one of Odyssey! :)

Dulci said...

Enjoyed your discussion on TMOA today very much.

Killian said...

Thank you kindly, ladies... wasn't sure if I did my usual trick and blathered inanely for ages :)