Thursday, 15 January 2009

Captain's Blog 15.01.09

Work proceeds apace at fleshing out the cast of the season...

For Episode Two, so far I have Biggstrek signed up to repeat his all-star performance of an old bugger for the Bishop; for Episode Three I have Roger doing a dramatic turn as the main guest role, ably supported by Norrie and WX_IVAN in two of the other key parts for that episode.

Episode 4 is quite heavy on dialogue, with only 4 guest actors and a sizeable chunk of lines to deliver each; hoping that will come off nicely as that has some nice lines in it (in my opinion; well, I wrote it, I have to blow my own trumpet (although I am given to understand that it could make me go blind, so I best be careful there...))

Episode 5 is going to be another "hard work" episode, especially for Marine and the actress playing M'raal, as it's quite a claustrophobic episode, touching on prejudice and how it affects people's perceptions and actions; hoping it will come out ok (once I've finished writing the damned thing! Having a smidge of difficulty concentrating on this one for some reason, so might have to switch the running order around and write Episode 6 first).

Decided to cut the season 1 episode short in order to avoid me exploding (the other drafted episode was going to be another "heavy hitter" and after the other two this season, wanted to lighten the mood a bit before the season ender), and to bring the finale forward an ep... but it will be a double-length (i.e. 2 parter) to make up for it. Some big shocks coming for the Odyssey crew in their first full year... hoping it comes out well. Plus, with each ep pushing upwards of 25-40 mins, it will be hard enough getting one out to a decent standard at a time as it is, without 2 more episodes complicating the issue :)

Hopefully, if I can get some interest from "outside writers", the pressure will be off a little for the next season; Season One is there mainly to flesh out the characters, show some of the universe and give people a feel for how it looks, acts and works, so they can potentially write an ep and ease the pressure on me a bit; Odyssey is my baby, but I also like to stretch my wings a bit (evidenced by me taking on the job of doing WotW, for some insane reason...)

Speaking of WotW, Part Three is underway as a "side project" to this; some ideas starting to germinate for Secret Project #1... Secret Project #2 will be next up after these are completed (will be writing these in conjunction with producing and shooting Odyssey, which should help alleviate some of the "writing burnout" I think I'm starting to get with so much sci-fi on the go (love it, but one can have too much cake all at once :P)

(Lashes himself); back to work, Killy... you know the golden rule:- "It won't write itself!"

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