Monday, 25 April 2011

Captain's Blog: The Chronicles of Humanity Redux

Don't forget (or, for those who didn't know in the first place!), Damien Valentine's re-imagining of his excellent The Chronicles of Humanity series is being premiered tonight on Indytheatre.  Originally shot in The Sims, Damien decided with Season Two to switch to Moviestorm.  In doing so, he made the decision to go back and redo the first series in the new platform as well... and tonight, the results of those endeavors will be available to view!

Showing times are 8:10pm PST/11:10pm EST (that's 4:10am in old money for us Brits).

Unfortunately, I can't make the live premiere (4:10am is a little too late in the wee hours for me over here in the UK), but I would urge any of our transatlantic cousins who can make it to go and show Damien your support for this top-class series.

And, to wet your whistle for the showing, here's the trailer he released recently...

...if that doesn't get you making "squee" noises, here's the cast list...

Starring: Elizabeth Cameron, Charlie Allen-Wall, Gabrielle Pugliese, Richard Grove, Ingrid Moon, Kim Genly, Damien Valentine and Felicia Day (yes, THAT Felicia Day ;)).

Come on; if the trailer didn't make you squeak with excitement, and the voice cast didn't make you want to either, I don't know what will!

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Damien said...

Glad to see you're excited about the series and that you're enjoying it so far!

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